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Stuff and prayer requests...

Hey, guys. I never really introduced myself ever since I joined this community. First of all, I'd like to point out that this community is really awesome. The testimonies are heart-touching, and I truely like this community.

Anyway, my life is pretty much flowing in the right way... I hope. I seem to try to get my worries back that are placed in God's hands (like getting accepted into colleges that I want to go to, finding money to support me through college, getting good grades in school, studying for the SAT IIs that will take place Nov. 6, and maaaany other things!). I worry a lot, and I do pray to God to take away my worries and to take care of them. But... I just seem to worry AGAIN. I hope that you all could pray for me about this.

Another thing, please pray for my dad because he has a lot of trouble at work. He always bring back his anger and frustration at home and take it out on me and my sister. It's frustrating me.

<3 Vanessa
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