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hellooooo beautiful people!! I'm Megan. I'm new here. durr. :)



 ok, i grew up in a Christian home, i 'accepted' Jesus when I was eight. When i was 9, my family and i moved to Costa Rica to be missionaries. We were there for about 8 months, before we left for Honduras. We were only in Honduras for 4 months, but I learned so much there. That's when my eyes were really opened to how extremely lucky we are to even have a house. We were supposed to be there for 3 years, but we had to leave because my mom has MS (multiple sclerosis) and my little sister got malaria.  So we came home. My dad became an assistant pastor at our church in Stroudsburg PA. We were there for 2 years and i was like, literally spiritually dead. my youth gropu was dead, all of my friends were non-christians... it was just bad. Then we moved to a different church hwere my dad is the head pastor. And there, i just got worse. not only was I spiritually dead, but i got really depressed too. I started to hurt myself, and i got really mixed up with my (Ex)boyfriend. I was like as far away from God as I could be. Then, about 4 months ago my family moved (again). My new dad is now the missions pastor. Anyways, it's here that I really changed. I go to a Christian school now, and my youth group is awesome (130 kids about). This summer I went to Kingdom Bound in Buffalo and I guess that's kinda when my life started to change directions. The superchick song Hero really impacted me. I'm so on FIRE for Christ that it's insane. I have the paper I got from youth group on the night that i re-dedicated my life and gave up SI (self-injury) and it says "starting today, i travel down a new road". I have it taped on my mirror, and i see it everyday, and it keeps me in lane.

Yeah, sorry i'm kinda boring and stuff, but that's not why we're here, is it? :) Well... if anyone ever wants to talk.... my AIM s/n is on my user info page.

Take care, chillin's.

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