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WOW...what an amazing community to have! Well I am new to this online journaling stuff and to this community....but I will start by telling my testimony and a little about myself.

I grew up in a casual Christian home, however we didn't consistently attend Church. I went to several Vaction Bible Schools at a young age. I was presented the Gospel many times throughout those years, and often times I went forward and claimed to understand it...I started going to church more and got to where I knew I was still missing something. I started attending Word of Life Florida Youth Camp as a young teen. Summer 2000, I was sitting in a evening rally and it was that night that the gospel was presented in such a way that it was sooo clear to me... I went forward with my counselor and it was that night that she explained to me that the prayer does not save you, Salvation is about TRUSTING IN CHRIST ALONE..that night I prayed and accepted CHRIST as my SAVIOR!!! From that point on I grew to have such a passion for Christ. The Summers of 2001, 2002, and 2003 I worked at Word of Life Florida Youth Camp doing STC (Summer Training Corps) and that is where my foundation of Christ began....there I also learned about Word of Life Bible Institute (WOLBI) and I knew that that is where God wanted me to start my college education. So here I am.... 18 years old... at WOLBI for a year.... it is a year of studying God's word (no math, science, english, etc). After this year I plan to transfer to Southeastern Bible College in Birmingham, AL to major in Bible and minor in Christian Counseling. Well I look forward to meeting more people and getting to know what there life plans are...
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