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My life about three years ago was not something off the Brady Bunch. During my childhood and early teen years my life was surrounded by poverty, a broken family, parental addictions to alcohol and drugs, and a very unstable way of life. It was not until moving to Jacksonville, FL from Upstate New York that God stepped into my family's life, changing us forever.
It begins with my high school experience. I entered ninth grade with no friends and a completely different culture. During that year I became very depressed, lonely and left with no hope in my future. The following year I decided to be a new person, a new Lauren Williams that would have lots of friends, however, that got me into more trouble and with even a less hope for my life. I started experimenting with alcohol and drugs, and was trying to grab a hold of anything to make me happy, anything to give me a reason to live, and anything to find my purpose.
The summer of my tenth grade year my family began to attend The Fellowship of Celebration Baptist Church with our neighbors. I believed in the Big Bang Theory, so when they would come home from church on Sundays and tell me I should go, I thought they were crazy and getting involved with some cult. However, even through my stubbornness God planted a seed in me through my parents and siblings who came to Christ.
The very last week of that summer, on Wednesday July 27, 2002 my sister was away at a "Church Camp" or known as Student Life Camp, and my Mom had childcare at church. I told my mom I wanted to go with her to watch the kids that night because I was bored. When we arrived the childcare director said that I couldn't work with my mom, but had to go over to the youth building. I was very nervous not knowing anyone, or anything about God.
I was sitting in a small group of about ten people, since all the students were at camp. While listening to the speaker I suddenly had this indescribable feeling was over me and everything in the room faded out. I was completely overcome and didn't know how to react. It felt like I was outside my body. I must have appeared overwhelmed when two youth leaders walked up to me and began asking about myself and reading scripture. I was still overwhelmed and had a hard time expressing how I felt. When I got home that night I went to my bedroom sobbing and started talking to God. I told God I had no idea what was going on, but I knew it was Him and I believed and I wanted Him in my life.
That is the account of when God came knocking on my door.
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