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God's work through the lives of HIS people

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[16 Feb 2006|09:56pm]

Hey everyone. I just wanted to post and let you know that next weekend, I'm going to be participating in the 30 hour famine at my school with FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes). We are doing this to raise money for world hunger. Here's where you come in. I wanted to know if you would like to sponsor me in this. You could either do something like a certain amount per hour or just a flat donation. To help you further decide, here's what your money will be going to:

There is alot going on in the world today. From 9/11 to the Tsunami in South Asia, ther is alot to be concerned about...but what isnt on TV and in the papers is how hunger, disease and poverty are killing millions and millions of children every year! 29,000 every day--that's more than the Tsunami every week! 10,585,000 died last year alone. Thats almost a million people who die every month--a million deaths that could have been prevented. 20 people dead every single minute. one more every 3 seconds! Kids who want to play but don't have the energy to walk. They're blind paralyzed, weak,with sickness, severlely dehydrated...and they're watcing hunger kill off--one by one--the rest of their family and friends. Overall, the annual death toll is more than 30 times higher thatn from the South Asia Tsunami and 9/11 combined. Its time the hunger crisis gets the attention it deserves! By being a part of World Vision's 30 Hour Famine, you'll make a life-SAVING difference:
--A dollar will feed and care for one child for one DAY
--30 dollars will feed and care for one child for one MONTH
--360 dollars will feed and care for a child for one YEAR

I apolojize for this being on such short notice, but, if you intend to sponsor me, i need the money by next Thursday (Feb. 16th). Checks should be written to "World Vision." For those of you whom i dont see on a normal basis, you can mail your money to me. My home address is:
4952 Pace Landing Tr. Burlington, NC 27217

Thank You for your support. If you cannot give any money, support me with your prayers. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call me. Home-3364215723 Cell-3362143907 (only call my cell before 7:30 am or after 3:30 pm. I am in school and I would rather not get my phone taken away.

In Christ,
Nicole Miller
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Christmas [25 Dec 2005|12:14pm]

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important [29 Jun 2005|12:58am]

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, check this out:


and comment here.

thank you.


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Hi!! [11 Apr 2005|03:49pm]
I'm only going to be a teen for a few more days, though I joined this community a month or two..or three? ago. The fact that I'm turning twenty (and thus ending my teenage years) in a few days has really encouraged me to share my testimony now. Life is flying by, and I may not have another chance to share about the greatest thing God has ever done for me!

My super-fantastic testimony. =PCollapse )
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[28 Mar 2005|09:29pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Before I went to kindergarden, my mom brought me to church, but I didn't know Christ. My dad never wanted my mom and me going to church.

At the age of 7, my mom and dad got a divorce. I blamed myself for the divorce. Everbody said it wasn't my fault, but I was convinced it was.

My elementary years were somewhat normal. I had my fair share of friends but I wasn't very popular. In middle school, I was really an outcast. I didn't fit in anywhere.

My freshmen year came. I never knew what being ridiculed was until that year. I did not fit in anywhere at that school.

I was in this school play called Oklahoma. This one person durring play practice came up to me. I was very shy back then. She kept coming up to me and talking to me, even though I wasn't that intresting. She had something I didn't have and I wanted. The last performance she lead me to Christ and I never felt that joy until that day. It was in November. The rest of the school year I grew.

Durring the summer between my freshmen and sophmore year, it started getting rough. I stopped giving God reign over my life and I really struggled. A friend that I didn't know that well tried to kill himself and it really took a toll on me. I feel into and out of depressian all that summer.

Then my sophmore year started and I wansn't doing what God has called me to do. The first half of the year flew by.

I got into a relationship that I shouldn't have gotten into and I ended it then the guy ties to kill himself. He didn't suceed, but it hit me hard.

The following week when I came back from Christmas break was alright. Nothing really aweful happened. That friday everything just fell in around me. I took 13 200mg ibprophen. I remember falling asleep at 6pm and I didn't wake up until 10 the next morning. That night I went to the tfc office for prayer. I felt so unworthy to be there, around those people. I just shoved away their love. I wouldn't let God forgive me for that. Several weeks had past but nothing improved. I wouldn't let God move in my life. I was clutching on to so much so tightly.

I couldn't deal with it anymore. I just wanted a way out somehow. I wasn't good enough. I couldn't allow myself to be happy. I didn't find myself worthy of anything. I just got so sick of myself. Because of my low self-esteem and all of that, I started my self-mutalation. I used to burn and cut myself. Thats how I dealt with everything. I had a bad day, I go home and take it out on my wrist or arm or leg or something. I seen myself bleed and I knew I was alive. I knew I wasn't invisible, I am alive, though I was so numb to grasp that.

Through alot of different people and situations, God just showed me how amazing He is and how much He loved me. How much He didn't want to see me doing these things. He sent His Son to die for me, so I could be free of this bondage, and look what I was doing to myself. I gave all the things I was going through over to Him. It was hard, but it was so worth it. His love surrounded me, and thats why I'm here today.

I went to bootcamp that summer and God really changed me. He helped me to grow so much to what He wants for me. I'm still not there, but I'm trying to reach it.

This summer I found out that my stepdad was cheating on my mom and it tore me apart. He has played me and my mom. He just did all of this so he could get everything he wanted in the end. Through all of this, I still wanted to see him come to know Jesus. There was so much pain in that situation.

The end of that summer I went to a newsboys concert and God told me that I'm going to help people. I'm going to be a christian counsler. I'm going to help people through what they're going through. It gave me so much hope for the future.

February of this year I was doing my jr reasearch project. I did it on the differences between christianity and Islam. I really have a heart for hte middle east. I'm called to go over to some country in the middle east and preach the gospel. I don't know how that will work with my counsling, but I know God will work it out.

My Grandma has alhimers. Her memory is failing and its just really hard on my family. I don't know how God is going to work in this situation, but I do have faith that God will work miricles in it.

I hope you got something out of this...

in Christ,

<3 Sara

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[25 Mar 2005|03:32pm]

he loves you this much

prayer request [01 Mar 2005|08:10pm]

hey, i need you guys to pray for a friend of mine from church. their family is going through a rough time. she's a senior. please pray for them and for her.

thanks. <3
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New member! [21 Feb 2005|12:48am]

[ mood | content ]

Hi, my name is Laura...I'm 18 and I live in Michigan. I've always had a relationship with God but it was never number one until about 10th grade. Thought I'd share my testimony...it's nothing spectacular but oh well...it doesn't need to be!

My TestimonyCollapse )

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[06 Jan 2005|10:37am]

[ mood | excited ]

My life about three years ago was not something off the Brady Bunch. During my childhood and early teen years my life was surrounded by poverty, a broken family, parental addictions to alcohol and drugs, and a very unstable way of life. It was not until moving to Jacksonville, FL from Upstate New York that God stepped into my family's life, changing us forever.
It begins with my high school experience. I entered ninth grade with no friends and a completely different culture. During that year I became very depressed, lonely and left with no hope in my future. The following year I decided to be a new person, a new Lauren Williams that would have lots of friends, however, that got me into more trouble and with even a less hope for my life. I started experimenting with alcohol and drugs, and was trying to grab a hold of anything to make me happy, anything to give me a reason to live, and anything to find my purpose.
The summer of my tenth grade year my family began to attend The Fellowship of Celebration Baptist Church with our neighbors. I believed in the Big Bang Theory, so when they would come home from church on Sundays and tell me I should go, I thought they were crazy and getting involved with some cult. However, even through my stubbornness God planted a seed in me through my parents and siblings who came to Christ.
The very last week of that summer, on Wednesday July 27, 2002 my sister was away at a "Church Camp" or known as Student Life Camp, and my Mom had childcare at church. I told my mom I wanted to go with her to watch the kids that night because I was bored. When we arrived the childcare director said that I couldn't work with my mom, but had to go over to the youth building. I was very nervous not knowing anyone, or anything about God.
I was sitting in a small group of about ten people, since all the students were at camp. While listening to the speaker I suddenly had this indescribable feeling was over me and everything in the room faded out. I was completely overcome and didn't know how to react. It felt like I was outside my body. I must have appeared overwhelmed when two youth leaders walked up to me and began asking about myself and reading scripture. I was still overwhelmed and had a hard time expressing how I felt. When I got home that night I went to my bedroom sobbing and started talking to God. I told God I had no idea what was going on, but I knew it was Him and I believed and I wanted Him in my life.
That is the account of when God came knocking on my door.

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[ mood | optimistic ]

WOW...what an amazing community to have! Well I am new to this online journaling stuff and to this community....but I will start by telling my testimony and a little about myself.

I grew up in a casual Christian home, however we didn't consistently attend Church. I went to several Vaction Bible Schools at a young age. I was presented the Gospel many times throughout those years, and often times I went forward and claimed to understand it...I started going to church more and got to where I knew I was still missing something. I started attending Word of Life Florida Youth Camp as a young teen. Summer 2000, I was sitting in a evening rally and it was that night that the gospel was presented in such a way that it was sooo clear to me... I went forward with my counselor and it was that night that she explained to me that the prayer does not save you, Salvation is about TRUSTING IN CHRIST ALONE..that night I prayed and accepted CHRIST as my SAVIOR!!! From that point on I grew to have such a passion for Christ. The Summers of 2001, 2002, and 2003 I worked at Word of Life Florida Youth Camp doing STC (Summer Training Corps) and that is where my foundation of Christ began....there I also learned about Word of Life Bible Institute (WOLBI) and I knew that that is where God wanted me to start my college education. So here I am.... 18 years old... at WOLBI for a year.... it is a year of studying God's word (no math, science, english, etc). After this year I plan to transfer to Southeastern Bible College in Birmingham, AL to major in Bible and minor in Christian Counseling. Well I look forward to meeting more people and getting to know what there life plans are...

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[26 Nov 2004|04:53pm]

Today just went to go get my pay check, went to the bank, ate lunch and stayed the rest of the time on here. I was cleaning my old greatest journal out to make things neat and I never deleted my first two journals because I wanted some post.. I'm so glad I never deleted it. I found a few post that I'm glad weren't deleted.. Because I see how fast lord worked in my life to get me to were I'm now.Here's a time line...

:::Note between Dec and march somewhere Lord brought me back to him and I rededicated my life to him:::

Dec 7th 2003:
I got my first journal ,my name had to do with two bands one that is good and another that is really evil ,their name i found out was another name for the devil..::if you want to know the story on what band and such just aim me and I'll tell ya::

January 17th 2004:
I made a post were I was asking for help and info about heaven and such I was way confused..

February 2nd 2004:
I made a new journal which was called Elijah Eros which I really did for Elijah love [Elijah being the actor Elijah wood and Eros I found meant love[because I love elijah] but it was also a Greek God of love.

February 13th 2004:
I made a bold statement about Mel Gibson saying he's really brave and such for putting Passion out..

March 10th 2004 [a day before my birthday]:
I posted that I was going to see passion of the Christ with a friend.

March 11th 2004 my bday:
I made a post saying to go see passion of the Christ to support it, and that I'm started to read the bible.

April 3rd 2004:
I changed my journal again.. The name is from a blindside song and is about Jesus [redstainsoflove]

Between April 3rd and until now I been growing in Christ.

Now I'm not ashamed of posting anything about Jesus,talking about Jesus ,wearing shirts,etc. My goal now is to get people to Christ, I was successful in getting my ma and grandma to say the sinners prayer and mean it, Lord gave me the privilege to keep the family together during Hurricane charley etc.

If you know me you will see how different I changed. I'm ever so thankful for Lords grace, Love, Patents, and Determination to get me back to him.
All I did was to be willing and make him my lord and savior [I'm not sure really if I was saved before because I said the sinners prayer when I was 10 but I rejected the bible and such so I don't think I really was saved only Lord knows], by letting him change me, Reading the bible and being persistent and trying to know him.

So for all the people who are struggling its NOT hopeless just keep at, it never give up! If you keep searching you will Find .I know I was searching for a while and I found what I was searching for but its only because of the love Lord has for us and my persistence in wanting to know. It takes time, Lord isn't finished with us yet! So why should you say I give up ??Have patents if you struggle with that then ask Lord to give you some he will.

Also if anyone of you are thinking about deleting your journals because its just junk think again if I would have deleted my journals I wouldn't be able to make this post. I knew he changed me but I didn't think it was that quick...

Anyways you guys know i'm here if ya need me xoxoxox
Love you
God Bless
In Christ+
love Jen
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[10 Nov 2004|05:18pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Hey guys!

I'm Araya, and I've been a part of this community and finally thought it was time to introduce myself and give ya'll my testimony.  It's not a great one, but that's okay.


yeah.. tis my testimonyCollapse )

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[09 Nov 2004|03:38pm]

[ mood | awake ]

hellooooo beautiful people!! I'm Megan. I'm new here. durr. :)



this is me...w00tCollapse )

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[04 Nov 2004|11:07am]

[ mood | contemplative ]

"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”
Matthew 11:28-30 NIV

“Come near to God and he will come near to you…”
James 4:8 NIV

Wow! I just can’t get over how comforting these words are right now.

This morning I was reading a devotional centered around these two verses, and it made me think a bit. So, more of my random thoughts…

Usually, when it is most imperative that we “come” near to God, draw close to him, that is when we run in the opposite direction. We endeavor to lean upon our own understanding and trust in our own willpower to see us through. That is where the folly occurs because that is when we need God the most…when times are tough…when the simplest solution would be to wallow in self-pity/guilt/misery/shame.

The word “come” implies action. It takes effort on our part. We must seek God, actively search for him, in moments of distress. If we do so, he will make himself readily available to us. When we reach out for him, at that very instant, the supernatural power of the life of God will invade us. The dominating power of the flesh, the world, and the Devil is paralyzed, not by your act in itself, but because your act has joined you to God and made possible the outflow of his redemptive power.

Isn’t it just so amazing?

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Random thoughts [02 Nov 2004|02:25pm]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

I've been praying/thinking and reevaluating a bit lately and decided I'd share.

I need to stop thinking in terms of my own personal successes and/or failures but rather my thinking needs to revolve around God's purpose for my life. It's not about me...a simple saying and yet so profound. I have to work at aligning my mind/heart with the will of God. What I may consider to be a success in my life may not actually be so...it may not be what God has intended...therefore not carrying out his will.

It's not about the end result. It's not about the goal in itself. It all lys in the process...the journey is, in fact, more curcial than the outcome. We are continuously molded by him, shaped as his vessels to do a fine work for him. We're no longer living for ourselves but only for him, in him, and through him.

I've realized that, although I've surrendered myself to Christ, I haven't mastered the surrender of my life or my will...for they are all different. We may say that we are willing to live for Christ, but, unless we give up our will...our ideas and prefabricated notions about where we are going and how we're living...we're not letting go entirely.

Anyway...just some stuff I've been contemplating lately. Not sure if it makes any sense to anyone but me...lol. Feel free to comment.

Take care all and god bless

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X(D [02 Nov 2004|08:51pm]

[ mood | amused ]

what kinda face is that?! ok...anway...
heyhey pplz...
so, i finished my midterms and am int he process of writing my testimony. i promise it will be up...someday? haha. will be up soon. sorry...it's been really really busy.
my birthday was on sunday (halloweem:)) and i had fun...got presents and stuff...
and i got a good score for my chinese test. but i did horrible for math...and...yeah. so, i cant say much.
i hope everything is going well for you guys!!
please pray for my SATs this weekend. i hope i have a clear mind. wait...no. i pray for that. :)
forever<3, jackie

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[01 Nov 2004|03:27pm]

Hello my friends!
Wow.. interesting past few days. I shall elaborate on that though. On Friday I discovered that my friend that was diagnosed with cancer last year is doing much, much worse. She was going through chemo but the doctors say she has a year to live, if that. Please, Please pray for her. Her name is Julie and she is fourteen years of age. It breaks my heart to see her dying. I can't stand the fact of seeing someone else that I love's life dwindle away. Thank you.

I also have PSATS tomorrow. If you could pray for that too.. thatd be great.

This weekend was wonderful otherwise. I went trick-or-treating for cans with my interact group from school with my boyfriend and my best friend.. ahh it was so wonderful! yay for boyfriends. ;-D ha

thanks for all your wonderful encouragement in my lj. i love you guys.

and also,
i'm playing around with the idea with looking for 1 or 2 other co-mods. because i've realized i'm not always available to come on and i want to do daily devotions and prayer groups.

email me if you're interested.

<3 Carrie
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Stuff and prayer requests... [28 Oct 2004|08:39pm]

[ mood | okay ]

Hey, guys. I never really introduced myself ever since I joined this community. First of all, I'd like to point out that this community is really awesome. The testimonies are heart-touching, and I truely like this community.

Anyway, my life is pretty much flowing in the right way... I hope. I seem to try to get my worries back that are placed in God's hands (like getting accepted into colleges that I want to go to, finding money to support me through college, getting good grades in school, studying for the SAT IIs that will take place Nov. 6, and maaaany other things!). I worry a lot, and I do pray to God to take away my worries and to take care of them. But... I just seem to worry AGAIN. I hope that you all could pray for me about this.

Another thing, please pray for my dad because he has a lot of trouble at work. He always bring back his anger and frustration at home and take it out on me and my sister. It's frustrating me.

<3 Vanessa

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Mod [28 Oct 2004|03:28pm]

Hey brothers and sisters of Christ!
=) lol i just wanted to open the forum up for telling us how your day went, whats new in your life, etc. We would love to get to know each and every one of you and see how you're doing! So this doesn't HAVE to be JUST testimonies. lol but they're wonderful all the same.

But okay. I'll tell you guys how my day went. ;-D

School was okay. It was E.P (extended period) where we have 3 classes for 70 minutes or something. but we had chapel and that is such a blessing. i looked around and my fellow peers were totally worshipping with me. I was like wow.. God you're awesome. =) and he is. Hah..

so feel free to update us on your day, give us pointless quizzes, whatever.
i'd love to get to know each and every one of you on a personal level. =)

God Bless
Carrie <3

OH! and if you guys have prayer requests, put PRAYER REQUEST in the subject line and tell us what it is! I'd love to pray for any of your needs. =)
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